Saturday, September 12, 2009

Week-end in Kyrenia (North Cyprus)

We're about 4 miles away from Kyrenia in the Turkish side of Cyprus. We go there often because it is not that far, it is relatively inexpensive, and the beaches are not as crowded as in the Greek side.

The boys are eating Turkish pizza in the old city center of Kyrenia (Girne in Turkish).

At the acapulco resort east of Kyrenia. We pay to get in (about $30) and then we can use all of their facilities including the swimming pools, slides and the beach. Laith is becoming a real good swimmer. He is currently taking swimming lessons.

Ramzi and Metae going down the slide together.

Rakan in the "baby-pool".

Metae loves following and hugging Ramzi who is sometimes mean to him.

Laith and Ramzi swimming in an area of the pool that is about 8 feet deep. They can handle...

A broad view of the acapulco resort.

Beach at the acapulco resort.

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