Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Life in Nicosia

Laith at his chool. This picture was actually taken on his first day of class. It is a private school and the kids need to wear school uniforms. There are a total of 15 kids in Laith's class. All the kids (all grades) are required to take two foreign languages: French and Greek.

When Rakan sees Papou (Grandpa in Greek) he runs to him and gives him a hug and a kiss. Papou lives across the street and Rohan (who is carrying Rakan) takes care of Papou during the day.

This is where we get our drinking water from. It is very close to our house.

Metae and Rakan's birthday

Metae and Rakan celebrated their birthday at their school. This is the cake they had at their school. We ordered it from Marango's, which the kids call the "purple store" and where they buy chocolate milk and chocolate croissants in the mornings.
Metae and Rakan with their friends at school.

Rakan is happy after having blown the candles. Metae was anxious to eat the Batman cake.

The next day we celebradted their birthday at "Party animals". They had all sorts of indoor games to choose from.

At home, Rakan and Metae opened their gifts.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

First day of school for Ramzi, Metae and Rakan

The boys are getting ready to go to school. Laith still has a week off. Rakan and Metae go to a Greek school by our house. Ramziu goes to the American Academy Nicosia.

Metae and Rakan ready to be walked to school. Rakan isn't very happy about that.

Ramzi at the American Academy.

Rakan and Metae's school.

Metae with his classmates.

Rakan ready to go home in the afternoon.

Rakan and Metae leaving their school to go home.

Week-end in Kyrenia (North Cyprus)

We're about 4 miles away from Kyrenia in the Turkish side of Cyprus. We go there often because it is not that far, it is relatively inexpensive, and the beaches are not as crowded as in the Greek side.

The boys are eating Turkish pizza in the old city center of Kyrenia (Girne in Turkish).

At the acapulco resort east of Kyrenia. We pay to get in (about $30) and then we can use all of their facilities including the swimming pools, slides and the beach. Laith is becoming a real good swimmer. He is currently taking swimming lessons.

Ramzi and Metae going down the slide together.

Rakan in the "baby-pool".

Metae loves following and hugging Ramzi who is sometimes mean to him.

Laith and Ramzi swimming in an area of the pool that is about 8 feet deep. They can handle...

A broad view of the acapulco resort.

Beach at the acapulco resort.


Old city in Famagusta in the Turkish side of Cyprus.

Typical house in the newly developed housing districts by the beach. A lot of British people buy houses in Cyprus (on both the Greek and Turkish sides).

At the beach 15 miles North of Famagusta.

Ramzi eating a Turkish pizza.

Nicosia, Cyprus

These are some pictures from Nicosia, Cyprus. This is a monastery that has a huge garden where the kids can go and run around. They also have a "mini-zoo" with chickens, ducks, geese, and monkeys. In the above picture, Rakan, Metae, and Ramzi
are looking at three monkeys in a cage. One monkey was picking bugs from another monkey and eating them.

The above picture is of the main street in Nicosia (Makariou Street). It is very busy during rush hour. It could take between 10 to 60 minutes to get to Samir's work depending on how bad the traffic is.