Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Metae and Rakan's birthday

Metae and Rakan celebrated their birthday at their school. This is the cake they had at their school. We ordered it from Marango's, which the kids call the "purple store" and where they buy chocolate milk and chocolate croissants in the mornings.
Metae and Rakan with their friends at school.

Rakan is happy after having blown the candles. Metae was anxious to eat the Batman cake.

The next day we celebradted their birthday at "Party animals". They had all sorts of indoor games to choose from.

At home, Rakan and Metae opened their gifts.


  1. Tell those cute little twins Happy Birthday from us. It looks like you are all having a good time. How is Laith liking French and Greek class? Tell him I think it's really cool he is learning not one but two foreign languages. Hope all is well. We miss you all. Only three more months! I'm sure you will all enjoy every minute of it.

  2. I usually keep track of new pictures on your site. The kids look healthy and happy. It's neat to see the street where you live and all the things that are different. Hope things are going well. (We are freezing in the way of Neckers. The order has not come to turn off the air conditioners and we get the results of that. Next two days lots of rain is expected. Have fun in the sun). Sally