Saturday, August 22, 2009

Our trip to Alanya, Turkey

Laith and Ramzi climbing on the castle of Alanya.
Metae holding a fish that a Turkish guy caught on the beach.

Rakan with the camel owner.

Leaving for Turkey at the port in North Cyprus.

View of Alanya Turkey as we arrived.

Kyrenia- Northern side of Cyprus

Rakan buried in the sand by his loving brothers. Daddy and the boys at the beach.

Kyrenia is a harbor city in Turkish North Cyprus where we visit the beaches on the weekends. The boys enjoy playing in the sand and playing in the water. Metae and Rakan hate getting the salt water in their eyes and can't always remember to shut their eyes when the waves come!


Our apartment in Nicosia.
Ramzi walking to the end of the block to the "purple store" called Marangos where he loves to buy chocolate milk. He carries a wallet with three currencies in it-Dollars , Euros and Turkish Lira!

Here are some photos of the outside of the apartment building where we are staying. We are on the second floor of a three story building. It is somewhat grotty, very spacious, furnished, and we have two outdoor decks (which we use for drying clothes and the twins love to throw things from). The little boys love to open the windows and yell down to our neighbors. We are not used to living in such close proximity to others!

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Trip to Paphos 08/08/09

We went to the City of Paphos for a day. Is is about 85 miles away from Nicosia. It is on the East coast of Cyprus. There are a lot of British expatriates there (somewhere around 50,000 in a town of 120,000 to 150,000). We went to the local McDonalds for ice cream, took a 1 hour boat ride to see a shipwreck and sealife on a glass bottom boat, and explored the town. We will go back when we have better plans. There is a lot of historical sites and loads of tourists, so maybe we will wait til Sept.